Thursday, 17 October 2013

getting somewhere...

The last week or so has been just food for me. I dont know if they are what most people would call binges but to me they were. My binges arent measured by amount of food as such, its more about when and how I eat, when im not hungry, when im not wanting anything, when I eat for the sake of eating just because I can, then when I keep going, that is what I class as a binge.
And its a lot of food throughout the whole day rather than all in one or two sittings. But yeh, so the last week at least I have been hitting 2500 calories at least. I started out with the best of intentions then it all goes to shit, and I eat so much I cant even keep up with the calories,  I told myself I just needed one day to stop the cycle.

And yesterday was that day. I finally had a good day. I had just over 1300 calories,  and although thats higher than I m comfortable with, I was happy with it. I very nearly blew it late last night but I didnt and im so glad because this morning I was down 1.4ibs from yesterday. I know it wasnt real weight, but it still felt nice to see.

This is me getting my shit together, I will get back to where I was, I have 9ibs to lose to get back to my lowest weight, which I havent seen in about a year. And 5ibs to get my lowest weight of this year.

Im really glad to be back blogging, even if no one reads it, its good to write it down I think.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Glad but sad...

My brother has been away for the best part of a year, and got home yesterday,  it was his birthday a few weeks back and seeing as we missed it my sister did a welcome home/happy birthday dinner tonight. It was really nice spending time with my brother and sister and mum and brother in law, after him being away so long, but oh my god so much fucking food! My sister went to such an effort, she had ballons and bunting and she made so much food! I got him a cake and my sister made cookies and brownies and there was a box of sweets, and ah!!
It was a fun night but I feel like shit now.
It is almost 2am here and I have been up since 5 this morning for work. But the dog has been walked and fed and is now sound asleep,  as I should be.

Im not feeling great, its been a strange couple of weeks, but I am going to do better.
I am. I am. I am.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Take two, I suppose...

Hi, this is my take two of blogging. I started about 3 and a half years ago, but I will not bore you with details, now I am here. I hope to fit in here, I hope to find people like me. Me? This is me, not very glamorous, not very interesting, plain and honest, just me.

My name is Rachel, Im 20 years old. I have a bit of a problem with being 'normal', I have what could be called issues. I am a girl that is scared of life, I starve, I binge, I purge, I self harm, I paint a smile on my face, because these are just my ways of coping. I find grown up things impossible to deal with, so I use these, maybe slightly unhealthy, ways of not having to deal with anything.

But thats not all I am, I work, I have family, friends and a lovely dog. I like butterflies and cosy jumpers, singing when no-one is around to hear, buying papercraft magazines and making cards. I am more than my food issues. 

So there I am, not interesting or different, but me. 
I hope maybe I can help people, listen when they are down, make someone feel less alone, and hopefully get the same for myself.
Thanks for reading if you got this far.